Why have my own business?

Some people are predestined to start their own business, and for others it is intimidating. According to Entrepreneur, these are a few powerful reasons to have your own business.

Flexibility, More free time (eventually), Decision making, Setting delivery dates, Creating a personal environment, Pursuing a passion, Building something from scratch, Getting to know new people, Forming a team, Creating jobs, Helping people, Becoming an expert, Investing in oneself, Making more money, Financial Independence, Recognition, New challenges every day, Getting to know new cultures, Discovering new fields, Creating an asset, Connecting with customers, Delegating boring tasks, The possibility of retiring, Being able to give, Getting involved with the community, Improving the industry, Having a mentor, Becoming a mentor, Learning new skills, Attending to classes and seminars, Possibility of a big office, Working from wherever you wish, The option of having many businesses, Gaining experience as an entrepreneur, Getting recognition, Doing things faster, Building a personal brand, Greater creativity, Inspiring others, Reducing commutes, Work stability, Pride and satisfaction, Reaching your dreams, Accepting failure, A great story to tell, Leaving a legacy, Changing the world, Having many resources, Nothing to stop you.

It's time to start your own business! Be successful!

Delicious benefits of eating ice cream

There are great benefits of eating ice cream; especially if the quality of its ingredients is watched during production. If we avoid using artificial raw materials, such as powders and extracts, we will have a food with high nutritional value keeping the qualities of its ingredients.

1.Ice cream brings a great amount of calcium.

2. The main proteins in ice cream are albumins and globulins. Ice cream has the proteins and vitamins of milk and yogurt; therefore, it can be a very complete dessert or snack, especially for children, sick or elderly people who don't have a good appetite.

3.The sugars contained in ice cream provide a great amount of energy to the body. Honey or glucose syrup can also be used.

4.Artisan crafted ice cream contains only 6% of fat in its composition.

5.Ice cream contributes to hydration, fights dryness in airways, makes digestion easier, and creates a feeling of wellbeing to those who consume it.

6.People with diabetes and those who want to watch their weight can have ice cream choosing the light version. This version usually has no calorie sweeteners, so they can be consumed with no problem, with moderation.

7.Sorbets have other qualities based on the percentage of fruit they contain, and they bring energy and refreshment to the body.

8.Ice cream and slushies are a great option to reduce the discomforts caused by sicknesses, such as tonsillitis, since they reduce inflammation and help control pain.

Source: economiahoy


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